Saturday, August 28, 2010

Blessing is the gift

we have been given this gift

Compassion is your "program" of reconciliation


Blessing is your "code" of opportunity
that makes the reconciliation possible

Blessing Defined
Your gift of blessing is a modern expression of the promise
that was given to you so long ago
the ancient promise given by those who have come before us
that each soul survives EVERYTHING even the darkest moments of life
to return home once again
intact and with grace

Blessing Defined
Blessing may be defined as a quality of thought, feeling, and emotion
that allows you to acknowledge the holy sacred and divine nature of that which has occurred

The blessing does not signal agreement consent or condonement of an action
it simply acknowledges the divine nature of the action
allowing you to move forward with life

When we bless that which hurts us the most
we acknowledge its holiness (divine nature) (see it as a gift)
something magical happens when we do that


Summary of blessings
Acknowledge any thought feeling or emotion to be present
allow for the possibility that there may be a "greater path"

Resolve the 5 "equations" of code (emotions and logic)

invite the gift of Blessing into your life allowing the divine nature of lifes offerings without judgment

5 tenants of compassion

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