Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The THIRD eye

An experiment that started with two friends Matt and John on a quest for answers.... what is consciousness ? ...... They hoped that the small budget system they had built would get them there answers 10 years ahead of the conventional methods. Their ambitious and radical theory was criticized by other scientist as assuming too much and in their plan's to develop virtual reality generator technology as far too advanced and unrealistic. Their gamble was to assume that the human brain is natures own quantum computer. To test this theory they would use a quantum computer that communicates with other quantum computers in parallel universes and a universal virtual reality generator to simulated a universe that quantum mechanics predicts and the virtual world would be governed by a quantum computer. The virtual world is not measured and rendered step by step , but generated spontaneously and randomly with the help of the quantum computer. now the images of the virtual world are gathered by a pair of virtual eyes that are a exact real world physical simulation of biological eyes .... brains connection to the technology running the virtual reality is a direct connection .. and a biological extension of the user with no classical computer measurements that are made in between the generated virtual world and the observer. the experiment is to see if the human brain operates at a quantum level to create awareness and to see if that is what causes quantum decoheriance. .... if decoherence affects quantum computation which needs its electrons to be in an ambiguous state... and observation causes decoherence.. and observation is quantum computation.. then if you were to observe the human brain and it disrupted the brains computation then you destroy observation and you destroy decoheriance...

In John's virtual experiment, reality reveals itself to the observer in its normal states at one place at one time. When you put on the virtual reality goggles you see the simulated world though a virtual camera. They discover that two universe can only come in contact with each other only when they become quantumly entangled making them exactly the same, a exact copy. The moment communication is established the worlds diverge into two different futures and are no longer mirror copies. They then knew that the only way to prove multiple universes exist is if there was another copy of them selfs in a parallel universe altering their virtual universe creating a alteration on their computer. The copies of them selfs that share the exact same virtual world that is generated by the universal virtual reality generator and governed by the quantum computer that is in direct communication with a identical virtual world in a identical universe would in time diverge as the two human actors immersed in the virtual environment end up doing different things in their now diverging into different futures, witnessing a slight cosmic variation of each others world. In this unreal overlapping view of nearly infinite world slices the universe as we are use to seeing now looks very different. Its as if the universe just became schizophrenic. Everyday objects become multidimensional objects and your surroundings split into in a million states of possible existences, past and present are blurred, nothing is static.

Using a HMD (head mounted display) that has sensors placed in a grid behind the image to sense observation of the human eyes fovea focal..important for the simulation of the virtual observer... to stream the video feed of that display to a second display in another room.
The alteration created from universes that become parallel and then diverge is recorded as the two computers in parallel universes remain in communication. so the program that runs John's and matt's virtual world has that data to generate a quantum potential alternate state. which John in the experiment would not see.. BUT someone else watching on a separate monitor in another room would be able to see....To their shock and surprise it revealed the virtual universe in it ambiguous state. their experiment then only proved in a dramatic fashion that the multiverse exists.. The quantum world just got weirder. They find that the answers are far larger then the questions.... driven by a feverish desire to know the two pressed on with their studies and will unknowingly trigger cosmic doom.
See the way better NTSC 720 X 480 resolution trailer at www.quantumcathedral.com

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