Saturday, August 28, 2010

How to become Compassion

If You Believe In a Single Source Of All There Is Or may Ever Be
That Every Life Event Without Exception
Is Part Of "The One" (source)

If You Trust In The Process Of Life As It Is Shown To You
Divine Timing With No Accidents

Believe That Each And Every Experience
Drawn To You Without Exception
Is Your Opportunity To Demonstrate
Your Mastery Of Life
(instead of feeling as if you are being tested)

If You Believe That Your Life Mirrors Your Quest
To Know Yourself In All Ways
"Knowing Your Extremes To Find You Balance"

(not all of us have to live the same extremes day in and day out.. others who experience extremes benefit the ones who do not. The ones who do not absorb the experience from those that do!)

If You Truly Believe That Your Life Essence Is Eternal
And That Your Body May Enjoy
The Same Experience Of "Eternalness"
(your BODY.. not just your soul or essence.. YOUR BODY)

Then How Can You At The Same Time
Judge An Event Choice Or Action
Of Yourself Or Another
As Right Bad Good Wrong
Or As Anything Other Then An
Expression Of "The One"

If you believe your life is eternal
Believe that your life mirrors your quest to know yourself
Believe in divine order and divine timing
Believe that each experience masterfully drawn to you
is an opportunity to demonstrate mastery
Trust in the process of life
as it unfolds unto you
Acknowledge that there is a single source of all that is "the one"


how can you at the same time
JUDGE an event or SEE it as something other than
"the One"

When you do all this you change your molecular make up
your DNA

you question or do not believe in the essence of even
ONE of these statements
you have just defined your next step in your path
toward balance and mastery

if you seek those steps
they will be there for you

how do I move the charge of worry?


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