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hmm survival of the fittest concept from Abraham

Discussing the "Survival of the Fittest" Concept
Jerry: What is it about a rooster that he's not willing to share his hens with another rooster? When we have two roosters, we have to separate them, or the one that has all the hens just runs the other rooster off. And they'll just fight 'til one of 'em's almost dead over those hens.

Abraham: Do they fight 'til one is dead? Or do they fight until one is acknowledged to be the fittest?

Jerry: I've never seen them fight 'til one's dead, one usually ends up the fittest.

Abraham: And so, then the rooster that is the strongest is the one that perpetuates the herd of birds?

Jerry: That's the survival of the fittest theory, isn't it? But it's not a selfish thing on the part of the rooster?

Abraham: It is a selfish thing on his part, and a selfish thing on the part of the other. So here you are, physically focused, and you have this a combining of the physical environment and the Nonphysical environment that make up your physical experience. And so, as the Nonphysical Energy is pouring forth, it is pouring forth into that which is physical. And the structure that is physical is the structure that is actually evolving. In other words, it is a structure that is in a state of becoming. Even that creature that is standing there, let us say it is the rooster that you are talking about that ultimately is determined to be the one that is the fittest of all of them. As that rooster is standing there evaluating the contrast, and summoning, the Nonphysical Energy is pouring through.

And as for the rooster who ultimately becomes the looser in this situation, he is doing the same thing. The contrast is causing him to summon the Nonphysical Energy.

Jerry: 'Cause I've always felt really sorry for all the bulls and the roosters that aren't allowed in on the herd. And this I've been wanting to understand for a long time. Another thing: Are we going against nature when we try to protect that which isn't surviving? When the fittest try to help the less fittest survive, are they going against the nature of the whole thing?

Abraham: Yes. What does your chicken do?

Jerry: It pecks on the weak chicken. It takes the weak chicken's parking place, that's what it does.

Abraham: The reason we ask is because you're really onto something that is important. You see, the thing, that humans often forget, that the beasts of your planet are fully aware of, is that there is no competition. The beasts of your planet understand that all is well.

Very often, physical beings think of themselves as this clump of physical flesh, and there is, by their logic then, a clump of Nonphysical Energy that is pouring through them. That's why you think in terms of being dead or alive. You think in terms of a soul that pours itself into physical body.

It is not a clump that is assigned to a clump, it is a Stream of Consciousness. The Stream of Consciousness, while it is certainly expressing itself individually, it is a Stream of Consciousness that is expressing itself multidimensionally. And so, the Consciousness that is projecting through the beast or through the chicken, is same Consciousness. In other words, there is this Consciousness that is rooting for the survival of all of that.

With something like the chicken, it is coming forth, certainly, intending to have a lovely life, and wanting the best experience. But it is coming forth with a different set of intentions than you, the physical human, come forth with. And so, as it comes forth, it is not pushing against the idea of being someone's lunch... It is not feeling any competition. It is focused powerfully in the now. It is letting the contrast produce desire. It is allowing the Nonphysical Energy to pour through in a very powerful way. And even though -- by your standards, you might disagree -- it truly is living happily ever after.

And so, getting back to your roosters fighting: the chicken that is battling and winning its feeling of dominance, is not leaving the other chicken feeling broken and defeated. That's a human characteristic that you are laying over the top of it. In other words, the chicken is as a species rooting for its survival first and foremost.

Jerry: It's the survival of the species, is that it? As opposed to the individual?

Abraham: Yes. And so, the way that you might look at it, is that it is Nonphysical Energy that is projecting itself into both chickens. Or into all chickens. And the competition is about a bigger game than this individual moment in time that you are thinking about. In other words, the Energy that is pouring through you is talking about the bigger game. The Nonphysical Energy that is flooding through you is not worrying about the parking places that you are scrapping over. The Nonphysical Energy that is pouring through you, is about Life Force itself.

If we were standing in your physical shoes, whether they were physical chicken shoes or physical human shoes, there would be nothing that would be important enough for us to lose our connection to Source Energy. And, eventually, even the chicken figures that out and goes off and lives happily ever after. Even though he did not turn out to be the dominant chicken, he does not worry his life away over it.

Excerpted from the workshop in Milwaukee, WI on Wednesday, July 5th, 2000


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