Monday, August 30, 2010

Follow your bliss!! Be Selfish!! Go WITH THE FLOW!!

Have you noticed that as you are coming forth as a human species, you are coming with a greater and greater sensitivity and intent to be selfishly driven? And this is a magnificent thing. People keep telling you it is not good to be selfish. And those people who are telling you it is not good to be selfish, are those people that want you not to satisfy your selfish desires -- but instead, to answer their selfish desires.

They say, "Don't be selfish and do what you want. Be unselfish and do what I want." And so, the selfishness that is coming forth, it is about individual beings coming to recognize the guidance that is coming forth from within. Because we do not know any of you who want anything, whether it is a material object, a relationship, a state of being, whether it is a physical condition... There is nothing that you want that is for any reason other than that you believe that you would feel better in the having of it.

And so, as these little beings are coming forth, they are driven with this desire to feel good. And they are, more and more, finding themselves unwilling to participate in those things that you've decided are perfect for them that don't feel good to them. And so, what is at the heart of your coming into fuller, faster connection to Source Energy, is this selfish drive to feel good.

When you are willing to follow your bliss, you are in the place of allowing who you really are to flow through. You see, the little chick follows his bliss. He goes where the next bug leads him. He does not feel guilty about not making sales calls. He does not feel angry about somebody taking his parking place. He does not feel unhappy that a future employer does not understand his true talents. He just be's who he is, and follows his bliss. And in his less complicated vibration -- he allows Well-being to flow.


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