Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cure of Schizophrenia??


If you have been asking ‘is there a cure for schizophrenia?’ unfortunately the answer is no. schizophrenia can’t be completely cured, however if proper steps are taken then the symptoms can be handled to almost complete cure. Schizophrenia that occurs due to the inherent primitive and wild conscience lingering in human brain, can only be successfully dealt with to achieve cure to schizophrenia, if the patient is ready to go through the process of indispensable pain that will be caused during the recovery procedure. The cure is both medicinal and natural cure for schizophrenia. Natural cures for schizophrenia or schizophrenia natural cure mostly revolves around counseling and determination building procedures.

Though the suffering is bad, no less are the symptoms of this disease. Some of the most painful symptoms are hallucinations, repetitive and absurd thoughts, gearing screeches, and overall feeling of emptiness in mind, that gives the sense of absolute loss of one’s equilibriums.

For schizophrenic patients it is vital to stay strong and determined as a route of cure to schizophrenia. Though resistance is required to fight the insistent and powerful evil conscience that conquers the human instincts of the patient’s brain, and begins to control their activities.

To know how to cure schizophrenia first recognize this evil side of the conscience that causes the attacks, so that the human side of the instincts can be respected and forced to come out to the surface with persistent efforts.

It is important that one learns how to become patient when experiencing hallucinations, and not let them completely take over. Understanding that it is just like a bad dream without the eyes closed, where the mnind begins to project images and situations that are actually not present, helps and greatly cures schizophrenia.

The difference between the reality and hallucinations is that in hallucinations, extravagant colors are dormant in the images, and the patient is only playing passive role in the scene. The eyes begin to observe a number of things all together and the patient ultimately forgets the real world and what he or she is actually doing.

Thus the images should not be followed. The patient must keep their focus on the object that is real and keep fighting the images away so that they do not take over. If’ this can be done successfully, the images are certain to stop after a while and ultimately fade away. This must be done for cure for schizophrenia when any schizophrenic symptom is faced.

These symptoms indicate the worst stage that begins from neurosis and even hysteria, ending in psychosis and finally schizophrenia.

The basic mechanism of craziness in all kinds or forms ultimately remains the same. The only cause of variation is varying degrees of anti conscience prevalence in the mind.

This anti-conscience is nothing but an unknown enemy that has developed because it never went through the transformation that the rest of the human side of the patient has seen. A cure for schizophrenia is possible if one tries to fight it away, since it can stay powerful only as long as one does not resist it.

Strength and seriousness is important. Psychotherapy can get easier with dream interpretation. The patient must recognize their enemy, instead of following them. During the initial stages of dream interpretation, it is vital to have somebody’s consistent support.

A schizophrenia patient should always be accompanied by at least one person. Though staying in larger groups helps even more. However, no matter how much the company tries to help cure schizophrenia, ultimately, it is the personal determination that really matters for cure of schizophrenia.

Dream interpretation can teach one how to be resistant. Cures for schizophrenia and schizophrenia natural cures can become easier for those who have managed to successfully eliminate their egos.

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