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The Connecton of Faith to God

"Faith is the cornerstone of all."- Sri Ramakrishna.

"As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." (Proverbs 23:7).

When you are positive about your life, God is also. Whatever you concentrate on, God concentrates on it with you too. Faith reaches all the places one cannot touch, and knows all the things one cannot see. Faith works on many levels: in your soul, mind, emotions, behavior, and on all social and metaphysical levels. For one's life to be absolutely complete, one's faith must be absolute and complete.

For all practical purposes from a human's veiwpoint, faith is God. One with unshatterable, unchanging faith and knowledge in all the attributes of God as being within one's self, can be said to be God-realized. To be fully God-realized through faith requires absolute and unchanging mental clarity from living many years on a pure diet and a pure lifestyle of yoga, prayer and meditation.

Your subconscious mind and its immense power of feeling and imagination aways wins, because the 5 dimensional "matrix" of the subconscious mind is everything beneath the surface of the ocean of your being and outside of space and time as you know it, while your on-the-surface day-to-day consciousness is just the top of the waves. The mind, especially its deeper, more abstract and metaphysical levels, seems to dwell in higher dimensions beyond the four dimensions of space and time. There seems to be something deep within all conscious beings that is timeless and eternal (outside space and time).

To illustrate the power of the subconscious mind, consider the amazing powers of an advanced yogi. Because he indentifies so deeply with a Higher Power, there is no longer any fear or sense of lack, etc. He is able to materialize things because he is fully conscious of God (our subconscious) and its universal principles of creation and manifestation of thought (imagination).

The Mahavatar (Great Avatar) Babaji in Autobiography of a Yogi used this same power to manifest an entire palace for one of his disciples. You are tapped into this same power and unknowingly manifest all your experiences, both good and bad with it. A skeptic from the Skeptic's Dictionary could easily say that Yogananda's stories are also fiction. However, because so many witnesses have sworn that Babaji exists, and having actually met someone myself (Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath) who seems, by all means, to have definitely met Babaji several times in the Himalayas of India, I feel much more certain about Babaji and Autobiography of a Yogi, which has actual, documented history, witnesses, photos, etc., and is therefore much less likely to be fictitious or fabricated. I think the problem with being too skeptical, is too great a tendency to just blow everything off, and to end up being so closed minded as to not seriously consider or accept anything metaphysical or beyond the dull and ordinary. If there be no such thing as God, the soul, or the afterlife which the authors of the Skeptic's Dictionary seem to indicate, then what is there left to hope for? How could there then be any real everlasting love? If all the skeptics were right, life would be utterly horrible, empty, and meaningless! Fortunately the universe is vastly, and I mean vastly more complex and incomprehensible and strange than any close-minded skeptic can ever imagine.

Anyway, to what extent is it true that our subconscious (and superconscious) minds actually operate from higher dimensions beyond all space and time? And to what extent actually influence the events in our lives? I would have to say from my own experience that there is at least a slight effect: whenever I felt chaotic or angry, I often seemed to attract or manifest from "out of the blue" chaotic and angry people and situations also! Being spiritual and harmonious seemed more often than not to attract only other harmonious people and situations. This "law of attraction" is subtle and hard to prove, but there seems to be something to it.

To at least be on the safe side, I would definitely NOT dwell on negative thoughts and avoid negative feelings as much as possible! Why dwell on something unpleasant anyway? On the other hand, it is really good to feel great, that the feeling of the anticipation of great things seems to be the main force to attract them into one's life. Having known about this principle for a long time has saved me from great stress and fear. I remember in the year 2005 having received three huge raises during the period I fully applied the principles of Joseph Murphy who's books can be found right here.

I have more recently been amazed and impressed by that movie The Secret that it has provoked a series of new personal insights and thoughts into this strange phenomena. I was really moved by it's impressive presentation and new ways of approaching and understanding the remarkable effect that one's habitual mental and emotional processing must have on one's life. It really "spoke" to me.

However, at first it is not easy, as one may know, because it can be quite tricky to go against so much of what has been taught and learned from all the painful experiences of just how hard and disappointing life can be! It one was brought up by many materialistically minded teachers, parents, etc. it can be really hard to permanently change one's thinking even in a fortnight (two weeks). One has to expand one's understanding to such an extent as to realize that even the thought of how hard and painful life is or can be is just that: a thought or concept. One must think, feel, believe, and visualize everything going well, while at first, quite often they may seem not to be! But learning and hearing from others who are already using this revolutionary paradigm of an approach to life while studying exactly how these things could actually happen or work really helps a great deal. I am making great use of my unique understanding of quantum physics and my higher geometric dimensional concepts to help me get a much more solid, scientific, down-to-earth outlook on how these principles could actually work to make life so much better and easier.

As I have come to understand this phenomena more and more, I believe there must be some sort of incredible holographic "soul matrix" or 6th dimensional causal body matrix that seems to be the source of all our experiences both good and bad depending on our "karma" or what has been programmed into this matrix to create our reality. Not to metion the fact that there is also a 7th or higher dimensional awareness or "celestial body" within us that is the actual foundation and prime creative force of all actuality (God at the root of soul).

One begins to realize that consciousness with its seven or more dimensions of reality is vastly more real than the outside reality of physical life which is only 4 dimensional; and that consciousness is the real and only true substance of life, not matter, energy or time, which without consciousness (to experience it) it simply cannot exist. The world is no more real to us than the images on a TV screen verses the actual image maker (the TV set). So it is in the same way, our consciousness is the TV image maker. Our minds direct and create the experiences that we will have, as all that we experience and learn comes entirely from conceptions in the mind of God and then back into our memory and all of it is holographic.


Dreams are an indicator of where one's reality is going. If one's dreams are filled with themes of frustration and hopelessness, the drama of waking consciousness often contains a similar life story. As soon as one's dreams become completly positive (full of themes of success, victory, love and fulfillment) one's actual life is much more likely to go much the same way too. The good news here is that one can easily program one's dreams to always be positive, totally satisfying and wholesome.

It is important to program your subconscious mind to dream only what you want to experience. Remember that the same power that controls your dreams at night also controls your waking reality! Once you habitually dream very positive, emotionally fulfulling dreams, your objective life experience is more than likely to unfold in a similar fashion if it hasn't already! The subconscious is what controls your dreams, and ultimately your life experiences too. What one habitually thinks and feels controls the content of the subconscious mind!

The reality known as "the real world" is actually another dream as God dreaming Himself as us struggling with common themes of survival and all the acompanying pain and pleasure dualities and frustrating limitations of life. What if we, after the same fashion of successfully programing our dreams to include only happy, fulfilling, and victorious scenes, also program our actual day-to-day experiences? Because I believe, "as above, so below," I think our dreams can also actually become the "blueprint" or architectural design of our future physical experiences.

Whatever recipie of thought thrown into the "cooking pot" of consciousness will turn out as bitter, sour or sweet as one has made it. Just as when one eats all the wrong foods one will suffer the ill effects, thinking the wrong thoughts can attract, create or add to the very negative and destructive energies, addictions, habits and behaviour patterns one would want to avoid in the first place!


Consciousness is the cornerstone of reality. Consciousness cannot be separated from reality! Experience and reality are inseperable! Try to imagine a universe with no awareness or consciousness in it, and automatically you will fail, because as soon as you imagine that universe or reality, you have to be aware of it!

The universe comes from a Trinity that is composed of a boundless Observer, an Actualizer, and the Creation. The Observer (Infinite Father) is the infinite set of all eternal mathematical laws and principles. The Actualizer (Divine Mother) is the universal Force of relative equalization. The Infinite Father is the Unmanifest Seed, Principle or Idea which impregnates the Divine Mother (Actualizer), giving birth to all Creation (the Son). The Actualizer is a universal, boundless Force that spontaneously creates or manifests all things using a direct, infinite amplification of Universal Mathematical Principles strictly through the law of relative perspective.

The Divine Mother, in effect, leads the Observer into full awarenes of its Self, resulting in a cosmic burst of boundless time/space/energy creation (the Big Bang?). The creation of Reality is realy just a massive change in perspective, from an absolute, unmanifested creation standpoint (infinitely large "distance" beyond all space and time) to a relative viewpoint of a fully manifested existence of awareness and all energy phenomena (infinitely small and "up close" trapped within all space and time). The Divine Mother is like a microscope with the power of the highest infinity, magnifying up close the infinitely small (otherwise non-existent, unmanifest principles) into awareness and energy patterns and particles of a boundless reality.

Every living, conscious being in the universe is formed in the image of God and contains within itself this Trinity and therefore has the potential to fully actualize and experience the same awesome realities forever enjoyed by the Universal Creator.


Metaphysicians, mystics and those who adventured into the relms of out-of-body experiences, report many levels of reality of a higher octive or energy frequency than the physical. Most of these upper levels or planes of existence are highly thought-responsive. They manifest exactly as the observor believes, thinks and feels. All the great teachers of mysticism warn us imploringly to be very careful of what thoughts we think and actions we take, because everything we think, do and feel comes back to us as actual experience! For every cause there is an equal and opposite effect or reaction.

Ultimatly, all thought comes from God. There is a Universal Mind Whose thoughts (divine will), by the power of the Divine Mother, spring into manifested reality as the whole universe, which can be altered or changed to varying degrees by our own thoughts. The Universal Mind is based on perfect, universal, mathematical harmony and principles which is the Source of all perfect goodness, love, joy and bliss.

The closer we get to God, the more beautiful, natural and subtle our mental impressions, emotions and desires become, and the more corresponding beauty, meaning and purpose we are able to create. The joy and goodness of God is our native and natural state. The further away from God we go, the less natural and peaceful and harmonious our creations and experiences become.

The name of the game of life is to tune one's mind as much as possible to the Divine Will which means love, truth, goodness, honesty, beauty and all other highly desirable and positive states of mind, happiness and virtues.

We have a physical body that corresponds to the physical plane, an etheric body and two astral bodies that correspond to the astral planes, a mental body (or bodies) that correspond to the mental planes of reality, and a soul that matches the cosmic plane of reality, which in turn comes from the vast ocean of God at the highest possible plane(s) of reality. Most mystics say there are seven planes of existence with seven sub-planes each. I think there may not be any limit to the number of planes there are on the way to God.

The physical reality is the outer "crust" of all these inner planes of reality that are like rungs of a ladder ascending ever higher and higher on an infinite procession merging into the infinite perfection of God. All creation starts out as a thought or idea that originally comes from God or Universal Principle of Law, that forms on one of the highest mental planes of vibration, which, through the infinite power of the Actualizer (Divine Mother), manifests itself on lower, more "solid" and "manifest" levels of existence, until it finally materializes itself on the physical plane.

Every individual duplicates this universal process of creation through each of the many bodies that exist within and around the physical body. If our thoughts are inharmonious, we become sick and/or suffer from a series of bad situations related to our negative thinking and fears. It is essential to stay in constant tune with the principles and goodness of God if we are to heal our selves and our lives and live in joy and security, instead of sorrow and misery.

God's will for us is a positive, truly wondrous, miraculous, exciting and harmonious life. He hopes we choose good instead of evil, kindness instead of hatred, health instead of illness, joy instead of pain, selflessness and service instead of fear and self-centeredness. God wants the absolute best for us, but we have been given the power to choose for oursevles what sort of life (or lifetimes!) we create.

Even though God will fully love and support us no matter what we choose, It always makes perfect sense, to give all our energy and full attention to only positive, constructive ideas! What good does it do to do otherwise?


The astral plane is much subtler than the physical outer crust of existence, and is greatly effected and instantly altered by what the astral projector or spirit thinks or believes is true.

Nuclear physicists, when studying quantum mechanics are finding out that their results while trying to objectively study the behaviors of waves and particles are also having to factor in the distorting effects the observer has on the experiments! The smaller the particles studied, the more difficult it is to find their exact locations at any particular time. The smallest known particles would randomly pop up here and there along a "bell curve" probablity wave or force of energy, in accordance to universal laws of statistics.

The "random behavior" part of the particle's manifestation is what is most interesting. Physicists found that the mind of the observer seemed to influence the timing and locations of some of these random particle manifestations, making it much harder to acheive the objective results essential for the precise measurments required by science.

I beleive that all the astral planes and beyond consist of even smaller, much finer, even more randomly manifesting and thought-responsive particles, that exist in ever finer, higher frequencies of wave-field oscilations. These finer particles may actually be the very material that astral atoms and therefore entire astral universes are made of! These particles are so fine, it may take billions of astral particles to create just one particle heavy enough to be detectable in an atom smasher. Such atoms may hardly be effected by the physical universe, because they may simply fit right through the relatively vast spaces of physical atoms, while also vibrating at a much higher frequency.

However light and subtle these particles may be, there could still be enough of these particles in the entire universe to weigh trillions and trillions of tons, thus accounting for at least some of the hidden or "dark" matter many astronomers have hypothesised to exist.


Going from statistical probability fields of masons and quarks to experiments done with random number generation systems, and pinball experiments that create a bell-curve pattern as the balls fall into slots, have also been objectively varified to be influenced by telekenetic observers. Even the effects of prayer have been scientifically proven. Many similar experiments related to probability and statistics have been proven to create some kind of change from the usual statistical average veriations.

The whole universe is actually a massive random pattern particle generator. Galaxies are randomly placed throughout the cosmos; events on Earth and one's life can be considerd very randomly generated and indeed quite chaotic at times! I believe, like the particles in the accelerator, random events in the future can be influenced somehow by present beliefs, thoughts and feelings. To "fight the odds" when it seems the cards are stacked against the person, would require that one, through concentration, prayer and faith, rise above the "law of averages belief system," upheld by the vast majority of the earth's population.

It is this universal belief system containing commonly held beliefs such as "you must eat to survive" and "the body must age and die" that if one is to acheive a higher standard of living above the human condition, one may need to be aware of this phenomenon as a potential threat against their new beliefs, requiring one to stand guard, or if one lets it, could keep one trapped in the old system of beliefs until one is strong enough in his or her new convictions to break out of it.

Creating through faith a new "paradigm" while working in harmony with the Universal Mind, such as "you can survive without food" can be become a new "reality" or "truth" without actually contradicting the old truth. What in truth may happen, is a change in one's astral and other subtle energy bodies that brings about the precipitation of far more energy from the atmosphere than usual. There are actually, and have always been throughout history, certain individuals seeming to live quite well on little or no food. Average diets today are very damaging anyway!

By creating your own separate, independent belief system, you, in a sense, create a new "reality" with different principles (a 6th dimensional shift) from everyone elses but not necessarily contradictory to any other "reality." Real faith never clashes with truth, nor does a miracle actually clash with science, but is, rather, a different utilization or approach or angle of the same truth with hopefully much more dynamic, powerful and liberating effects. A miracle may seem to take place. I view a miracle as never being an impossible thing, but rather a highly improbable thing; a refreshing break from the law of averages!

Faith works through the Universal Mind which uses whatever resources and knowledge is already available from all levels of life and reality, to create the very event that the faith (or fear) is channeling one's energy into. The longer one concentrates on whatever their belief or fear may be, the more likely a related or series of related incidences will occur. It has always been known that there are people who are "unlucky" and those who are "lucky" when chance and probabilty seem to work against some and yet favor others.


We now know to some extent how the universe and our experiences in it can be affected by our own consciousness and the need to align the tone of our thoughts as close as possible to the positive inclinations, tendencies and nature of God which is most natural and desirable to our own nature.

Creation occurs according to the universal, mathematical principles (thoughts) of God. Mathematical principles are actually infinitely subtler than thoughts, but on the causal plane, manifest as actual thoughts inside a Universal Mind, before actualizing by the power of the Divine Mother on the astral and then physical planes. The exact same thing happens on a microcosmic scale with all conscious, intelligent beings first as 1) Principles/soul, 2) Ideas/causal, 3) Dreams/imagination/astral, 4) Behavior/reality.

One's consciousness amplifies whatever it puts its attention on. If it habitually entertains thoughts and fears of awareness of lack, misery and poverty, then it can only attract to itself and/or recreate more of the same. Place the same attention on God, abundance, and love, then, by association, a similar life has to eventually manifest. Everything related is, like on the Internet, linked together. Hence more wealth consciousness will attract others who are knowlegible about wealth, and change one's subconscous behavior to establish more and more links to wealth in one's life. This process is done astrally during sleep and meditation, and through actual behavior and attitude changes while awake.


Time is a vital factor, the more time (days, weeks, months, etc.) one has faithfully and calmly concentrated on success and abundance, the more successful behaviors, knowlege, people, wealth, etc. one will have accumulated by then. Unlike the astral plane, the effect of one's thoughts and beliefs on the physical plane are much slower, but have much more momentum!

Rising momentum is the continuous build-up of energy in a particular direction. It is essential one does not give in to discouragement or dispair before allowing enough time for the momentum of the input of newly desired qualities of life to establish themselves!

At first it is always hard to start any project; building up and keeping up the faith is a tricky thing. All kinds of obstacles can present themselves. It may seem too great of a distance from where you are now to where you want to be. Don't get discouraged!--because once you get the ball rolling, so to speak, things will pick up dramatically.

The effects of mind on matter, even though much harder to get started in the physical world, can eventually create a "cascade reaction" leading to an avalanche of overabundance! Trying to change the direction of boulders is harder than changing the directions of minute particles, but boulders, once they get moving, cannot be stopped and will set into motion other boulders in their path!

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