Friday, August 13, 2010

ok wow

so we had a busy day today

a lovely 4 hour wait at welfare all leading to an explosion of power.. powerful negative energy
explosion between a few different people and myself

I went home

to find more and more negative energy swirling all around

even found out that an old friend of mine was killed by a semi

which led to a bigger explosion of power

between my son and I

which led to

cops at my house again


what a great learning experience

what did I learn

cops are funny

I cant even put it into words no more

when u see u will see

they told me.. we wouldnt care if he did!!

you want us to talk to him!! OOOHHHH trouble


cops are finally here protecting ME!!

its about damn time :)!!!!

lesson learned

dont go into negativity with negativity duh
cure negativity with positivity

what you resist persists
means duh

change what you need to change
dont keep resisting it

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