Thursday, September 23, 2010

Global Online M.A. in Transpersonal Psychology Program

Global Online M.A. in Transpersonal Psychology Program

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Our two-year, 45 unit distance learning Master’s Degree in Transpersonal Psychology offers you an exciting opportunity to study the theories and practices of transpersonal psychology, transformational life coaching, transpersonal wellness, creativity, or spiritual psychology. The MTP program is designed for transformative learning, integration of transpersonal and wisdom principles, and personal and professional application.

Students may choose from four dynamic specializations.

The Master’s program attracts educators, health care professionals, business leaders, organizational developers, therapists, alternative practitioners, entrepreneurs, and cultural creatives who wish to find more expansive ways to enhance your current profession or explore and engage in new career possibilities that embrace the principles of transpersonal psychology.

This program emphasizes transformational learning and realization of our higher human potentials. The curriculum is intellectually rigorous, yet transformative, and expansive. Creativity, diversity, world wisdom psychology, ecological consciousness and multiple ways of knowing are valued. You will also learn in fully embodied ways that honor your own uniqueness.

Whole-person, Transformational Learning

The MTP program admits students who have an intellectual capacity to balance theory with practice, who find authentic ways to study and apply the material, who have the emotional maturity and discipline to work within a learning community structure that relies upon personal integrity and mutual respect, and who have the self discipline to study at a distance.

Our approach to learning promotes whole-person, transformational learning. It encourages professional engagement with local or academic communities and appeals to students who find value in creative expression, transpersonal practice, contemplative reflection, and scholarly thinking. You will find community within an academic context and use this learning as a catalyst for transformation within yourself, your community, and your profession.

Distance learning provides students with flexible study time to apply what is learned in their home lives, their current work situations, and in the community where they live.

Program Goals

The goals for the Global Master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology are to:

1. Provide a general background in the theories and practices of transpersonal psychology and spiritual psychology;
2. Provide opportunities for students to cultivate transpersonal qualities and apply these in daily life;
3. Prepare students to competently apply principles and practices of transpersonal/spiritual psychology in both their personal and professional lives;
4. Bridge the theories and practices of transpersonal/spiritual psychology with theories and practices of a self-selected professional area;
5. Provide opportunities for students to apply principles and practices of spiritual or transpersonal psychology in service to one of the following populations: a) individuals, b) local community, c) global community, or d) planetary community;
6. Provide experiences where students are able to access wisdom, health, and wholeness in an embodied way that utilizes multiple ways of knowing;
7. Encourage students to appreciate and embrace world wisdom traditions, diversity, and ecological consciousness;
8. Support students’ journey toward professional leadership in the field of transpersonal psychology.

Applying to the MTP Program

Information on applying to the MTP program
Information on the MTP program prerequisites

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