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The IntenseExperiences.com Affiliate Program:
Earn 50% Commission on Two Top-Selling Products You Will
Feel GOOD About Offering!

Join the IntenseExperiences.com affiliate program now and start earning 50% commissions on two products that sell well ... and that truly make a difference in people's lives!

Whether you manage a large or small website, a blog, or you want to promote the products to your friends and make some money, you'll feel good about offering these two products:

1) The 400 Biggest Questions to Easily Capture Anyone’s Life Story is one of the most important and meaningful books anyone could ever give or receive. That's because in an easy and very enjoyable way, it enables anyone to capture their life story -- the experiences and beliefs that shaped who they are -- to share in written or audio recorded format (their choice) with family and future generations. And there is no family heirloom that is more valuable or appreciated than a loved one's life story!

That's why this life story book was created, why it sells so well. It's also why -- if you have a website, blog, and/or your own pages on social networking sites like Facebook -- you will feel good about offering it to your readers!

2) The 9 Intense Experiences is an internationally bestselling 10-MP3 audio program that world-renowned physician and New York Times bestselling author Dr. Mark Hyman called "a powerful and highly engaging program" that will enables people to "relax, de-stress and engage our body, mind and spirit at a whole new level."

You will earn 50% commission on each and every sale of the Life Story book and The 9 Intense Experiences audio program you refer!


Signing up to become an affiliate is quick, easy and of course FREE. And once you are signed up, offering The 9 Intense Experiences and/or The Life Story book to your readers is as easy as it gets, as you'll read below!

Sign Up for the IntenseExperiences.com Affiliate Program Right Now!

Wait, What IS an "Affiliate Program"?

If you run a website, blog, or even your own page(s) on social networking sites like Facebook (as so many people now do), you can be an "affiliate" of this life story book!

Quite simply, that means that when you recommend the book and/or audio program on your website, blog or on your social networking page and anyone clicks on the link you post and buys the book, you will earn 50% commission on that sale!

As for the link, when you complete the very easy sign-up below, we will provide you your own affiliate link. This link leads to the sales page and it also contains a unique "tracking code" that identifies that you and only you referred that sale.

These online affiliate programs have been around nearly as long as the Internet itself, and we use one of the most respected e-commerce and affiliate programs out there, so you can feel secure that you'll get commission for each and every sale your personal affiliate link generates!

4 Simple Steps to Sign Up Right Now

1) Click the link that follows these instructions below to sign up for the IntenseExperiences.com affiliate program.

2) After the simple sign-up, DO NOT CLOSE THE SIGN UP PAGE. You will receive a confirmation email from "e-Junkie," the secure affiliate program we use, which contains your activation code.

Input the activation code in the space provided on the sign up page.

Next, complete the sign up form with your name (or your business name) and your PayPal email so you can get paid securely. (If you don't have a PayPal account, it is very easy to sign up for one: head to PayPal.com to sign up.)

You will now have immediate access to your affiliate page that provides your unique affiliate link to the sales page for The 9 Intense Experiences audio program and The Life Story book!

NOTE: Save the user name and password your provide to access your affiliate page by logging in at e-Junkie.com at any time, as it also contains your commission earning reports and the ability to contact us with any questions about the affiliate program.

3) Recommend the audio program and the Life Story book on your website, blog, or your social networking page(s) such as your Facebook page. Whether you create a full-page, half-page, or a paragraph or two recommending the products, be sure to include your unique affiliate link one or more times within your copy.

IMPORTANT: While you can use any of the copy as you see fit from the the life story book page and The 9 Intense Experiences audio program page, it definitely helps to motivate your readers' interest when you personalize your recommendation of the products.

4) Every time any of your readers click on your affiliate link and purchase, you will receive 50% commission on the product's price. Commissions are paid monthly and securely with PayPal.

And that's it! Simple as that!

So start earning some great commissions today:

Sign Up for the IntenseExperiences.com Affiliate Program Right Now!

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