Monday, September 20, 2010

The Surrender Process

The Surrender Process

Moving through Spiritual Emergence experiences has been described as an emptying of oneself so that a filling of the Oneness can take place. The ongoing process of focused surrender begins with an issue that the Higher Self brings forth to resolve. The individual focuses deeply on the issue trying to find clearance. George Leonard, in The Silent Pulse describes the how the process of intensively trying to force the issue through great determination bring the person to his knees physically, psychologically and spiritually.. Personal energy becomes depleted. When the point of total exhaustion, resignation and despair is reached, the ego is relinquished. The person says "I give up." and admits helplessness and hopelessness. This surrender point happens when the self is emptied of all roles, images and attachments that it had been holding. The issue, which has been obsessed over in the rational, left brain which operates out of fear,is transferred to the right, gestalt brain which operates out of love and knowledge of oneness. The transformation occurs with tears, intense emotion and feelings of relief.

The deep concentration required through out the process helps the person focus in a new way to reframe and restructure the issue at a higher level of consciousness. The movement from the position of fear to love happens when the person goes to a state of mind that lets go to the "Thy will be done." This is the essence of healing of the mind/ body/ spirit. There is a respite period where there is a respite period to provide integration, then the surrender process begins anew with another issue.

One important anthology on the process of surrender is "The Choice Is Always Ours", a collection of short pieces edited by Dorothy Phillips, Elizabeth Howes and Lucille Nixon about the process of the spiritual journey. Further information can be obtained by reading the works of Stanislaus Grof, William James, Abraham Maslow, Ken Wilber, Jackie Small and Roberto Assagioli as well as the scriptures from the ancient religions of the world such as the Bible, Unpanishads and the Tao.

This is an exciting time in which to live for those of us who are in the opening up process of finding our true identity. Some of us are being asked to walk through the dark side as we let go of old ego defenses and belief systems based in fear consciousness. Fortunately we are being given the help to understand these more unusual aspects of the spiritual journey. As we participate in our own healing, we contribute to the overall positive changes that are helping heal our planet.

Dr. Namka is an author and a Licensed Psychologist in private practice in Tucson (520-797-0102) and is deeply involved with her own issues of spiritual development. Her latest book, How To Let Go of Your Mad Baggage, describes the energies of anger and its use on the spiritual path. She has a free spiritual newsletter which can be subscribed to by e-mailing her at Her award winning web pages on anger management can be reached at

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