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Spirituality for Humanists:
Six Capacities of Our Human Spirits
by James Park

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Table of Contents
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Introduction Overview, Definitions, & Distinctions 1

Chapter 1 Living Deeply in a Superficial Culture 4

Chapter 2 Self-Transcendence, Self-Criticism, & Altruism 6

Chapter 3 Freedom:
Transcending Enculturation and Choosing for Ourselves 9

Chapter 4 Creativity: Making Something Genuinely New 12

Chapter 5 Love:
The I-Thou Encounter, Discovering Other Persons of Spirit 15

Chapter 6 The Disclosure of Existential Anxiety
and other Manifestations of Our Existential Predicament 18

Chapter 7 Glimpses of Joy and Fulfillment 21

If you would like to see a three-page article
based on this book, go to:
"Spirituality for Humanists: Six Capacities of Our Human Spirits".
In this version, each chapter is summarized in one or two paragraphs.

This small book (just 24 pages)
makes an excellent text for a small-group discussion.
If you would like to see a course description
for a seminar based on this book, go to:
seminar on Spirituality for Humanists.

If you would like to own a printed copy of
Spirituality for Humanists,
go to the publisher's website:
This book has now been revised and incorporated into a new book:
Spirituality without Gods:
Developing our Capacities of Spirit.
All of the chapters linked above are included as Part II
of Spirituality without Gods.

Several others books on Existential Spirituality
are reviewed on the Existential Spirituality Bibliography.

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